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Pakenham is a satellite suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, which is 53 km away from Melbourne’s CBD. It is considered as one of the fastest growing suburbs according to Core Logic, as more new housing developments have boosted its population and infrastructure.

One bad thing about growing suburbs is, the crime rates also increases. There was an increasing trend of Burglary rate in Pakenham from the last 5 years with average of 142 cases in 2020, while the Council average of 145 cases and 148 cases for Victorian average.

Pakenham burglary statistics
Man breaking into house

What can residents do to protect their houses and buildings from burglars

Security plays a vital role in each community. It is one of the main priorities of the Local Government. They have to protect their own residents and to make living better. But sometimes, we can’t really depend on them. That’s why investing with security doors, screen doors, window screens, gate entry or even fly screens in Pakenham are the best ways to secure our homes and buildings. It gives more value to the property as well.

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Hire Security Doors Installation Experts in Pakenham

Now, hiring security door experts is a daunting tasks. We want it to be local, licensed, can accommodate us right away, can do the job efficiently, and make sure the installation is smooth, safe and the product will last long and serve its purpose.

So, time to hire Pakenham’s local experts who will give you satisfactory services and that is none other than, Jim’s Security Door Local Experts! CALL US NOW FOR FREE MEASUREMENT AND QUOTES or INQUIRE BELOW!

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