How Much Do Security Screens Cost?

Jim’s Security Doors has Australia’s best range of premium security screens, custom-made in our Melbourne factory to your specifications. Whether you’re looking for fly mesh, security mesh, one-way privacy mesh, or ornate heritage-style grilles, we have an extensive range of options to suit your property, budget and security needs.

Windows often tend to be overlooked in home security set-ups, making them a point of weakness for burglars to take advantage of. Jim’s Security Doors can provide a range of options to ensure that your windows don’t leave you exposed to a break-in. All our window screens are made to measure at our Melbourne factory and professionally installed at your convenience. Prices start at around $200-$250 per square metre for a classic diamond grille security screen fitted with security mesh.

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How Much Does a Security Screen Door Price In Melbourne?            

Want to know How Much Does a Security Screen Door Price In Melbourne? Security screens doors are the ultimate way to protect your home and family, offering a safe way to answer your front door as well as a protective barrier to prevent burglars from being able to break into your home. Unfortunately, statistics show that an Australian home is burgled roughly every three minutes and in most cases the perpetrator will gain entry to the targeted home in less than five minutes.

Jim’s Security screens doors offer an extensive range of doors that can be customized to your specifications and professionally installed. Always choose a security door that is compliant with Australian Standards to ensure that it was been rigorously tested to ensure it can withstand a break-in attempt. Security door prices start at around $400-$450 for the classic diamond grille design, up to $900-$1000 for premium ScreenGuard and PerfGuard security doors, or $900-$1500 for a heritage-style cast aluminium grille door.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Security Screen Door?

Jim’s Security screen doors is passionate about customer satisfaction, so our quotes include the cost of professional installation. Jim’s Security Doors Melbourne offers a free measure-and-quote service in order to ensure a professional customized fit, as well as giving clients the opportunity to choose which security door is right for their home. A professional installer will measure your doorway to ensure an exact fit within the door frame. Having your security door professionally installed is crucial because an incorrectly installed door may not be able to protect your home the way as it has been designed to.

Custom-made Security screens door provide a superior level of protection as well as superior functionality. The craftsmanship involved in the manufacture and professional installation of a custom-made security door will be much better than a prefabricated door that has been purchased off-the-rack.

What is the Difference Between a Screen Door and a Security Door?

Do you know the differences between flywire screen doors and security screen doors? They might look similar, but there’s some very significant differences in the protection that they can offer your household. Flyscreen doors are a simple and economical option to provide protection from insects while allowing fresh air to ventilate your home, but they cannot protect you or your home from an intruder. Jim’s Security Doors offers a variety of mesh options including fibreglass as well as more durable pet mesh options.

For more comprehensive protection, a quality security door is designed to offer your household a more sophisticated barrier against intruders. A security door should be compliant with Australian Standards regulations, ensuring it has passed a rigorous set of tests, to check how the door performs against a simulated break-in attempt. A security door should be able to withstand a forced break-in attempt, even if the perpetrator is using tools to gain access through the door.

How Much do Window Security Screens Cost?

Window security screens can vary in price depending on factors such as material, design, quality and whether you’re considering installation costs. Jim’s Security screens doors offer a range of different options for window security screens that have been manufactured in compliance with Australian Standards guidelines.

Security screen mesh is designed to withstand forced entry, so it is constructed to put up with a lot more pressure than simple flywire, which is only designed to keep insects out of your home. All Jim’s Security Doors Screens’ security mesh is of a much superior quality than flywire and is usually constructed from premium stainless steel or aluminium.

How to Buy Security Screen Doors

The first factor to consider when purchasing a security screen door is quality and strength. How well will the security screen be able to protect you and your household? Don’t buy a door if it hasn’t passed Australian Standards testing and always arrange for professional installation because an incorrectly installed door may leave your home vulnerable to burglars. Jim’s Security screens doors offer a comprehensive service including a free measure-and-quote to ensure your chosen door can be custom made to fit your home, as well as professional installation of the completed door.

Shopping for a security door can be bamboozling, Jim’s Security screens doors is a trusted Australian business that takes pride in customer satisfaction. Our friendly experts will able to advise you of which security screens will be best suit your home There is a huge array of choices when it comes to choosing which security door is right for your home. The first step is to consider what factors might contribute to your decision about which security door to choose. Consider your lifestyle, the area you live in and the design and style of your home. Do you have older children who are home alone and need a door that can allow them to answer it safely? Do you have pets and need a door that can withstand heavy paws and claws? Do you live in an area that suffers a lot of break-ins? Whatever your circumstances, Jim’s Security Doors will have a security screen door to suit your needs!

Where to Buy Security Screen Doors

Are you looking for a stylish, durable and strong security screen door for your home or business? Jim’s Security doors Melbourne can assist you with a range of security screen door options manufactured in Australia from premium grade steel and aluminium and available in a vast choice of designs. Security screen doors are a fantastic option for ensuring your household is well-protected and secure. Jim’s Security Doors’ products are as stylish as they are practical, providing your property with a visually appealing doors that will protect your household or business and last the test of time.

Not sure which security screen door is right for your home? We have experts on hand to advise you and help you to make your decision. Jim’s Security Doors offers a free measure-and-quote service which can help clients decide which security door will suit their home and their lifestyle. We also have professional installers on hand to make sure the security door is neatly and correctly installed in your home and functioning to protect you and your loved ones from a break-in.

What is the Most Secure Screen Door?

Jim’s Security screens doors know that strength and durability are crucial when it comes to choosing a security screen door to protect your home. For the ultimate in home protection, we offer PerfGuard and ScreenGuard security screen doors, customized to your specifications. PerfGuard security screen doors are manufactured from 1.6mm thick, corrosion-resistant perforated aluminium sheeting that allows great visibility for someone in the home looking out. ScreenGuard security doors are made from high-tensile woven marine-grade stainless steel mesh set in a heavy-duty aluminium frame.

All Security screens doors can be fitted as sliding or hinged and can be powder coated in the colour of your choice to perfectly suit your home. For upgraded security, it’s also possible to fit the doors with one-way/privacy mesh to prevent visitors from seeing into your home, or to install a triple locking system to further secure your door. If home security is of the utmost importance to you, a quality security door will provide you with the peace of mind that you need.

Are Screen Doors Good for Security? 

Security screen doors are one of the most cost-effective safety investments that you can make for your home or business. Security screen doors create a physical barrier between your home and an intruder, and they’re designed to keep even the most determined thieves out. Security screens can be added to all doors and windows, preventing burglars from accessing your home.

When you choose to work with Jim’s Security screens doors, you are choosing a trusted Australian business that has more than 50 years’ experience manufacturing and installing security screens across Australia.

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