5 Questions To Ask About Security Doors

We help you to choose the best quality, affordable and design friendly security doors for your family home security needs.

The process of choosing the proper security for your home can be very daunting. So, let us take the guesswork out of choosing the best home security doors and installation for your home.

We have compiled a list of our experts’ most common questions, so you can avoid the pitfalls and make a stress-free and well-informed decision for your household needs.

At Jim’s Security Doors, we know that protecting your home and loved ones is paramount. That’s why we take home security and our quality assurance very seriously.


There are many different reasons why homeowners invest in security doors and screens.

  • Reduces the Cost of Insurance and Energy Usage
  • Adds Value to Your Home
  • Improves the Appeal of Your Home
  • Increases Air Flow and Ventilation
  • Enhanced Privacy
  • Advanced Protection Against Weather and Intruders

Ultimately, everyone wants to feel that their home and valuables are secure, and their loved ones are safe and sound. We live in a nice neighbourhood, we have great neighbours, and we lock our doors (most of the time!). Right?

We think it will never happen to us, but most of us have forgotten our keys in the car or left home with the doors unlocked at some point. We are human, and mistakes can happen. We don’t want to entertain the thought of a malicious break-in or theft, let alone think of the consequences.

The Truth About Home Security

The confronting truth is that thousands of family homes are broken into every day in Melbourne, with doors and windows being the most common entry points.

Some thought-provoking statistics from the ABS Government website showed during the 2019-2020 period, an estimated 2.4% of households (238,100) in Melbourne experienced a home break-in. A terrifying 12% (28,000) having had to confront the perpetrator.

An additional 1.9% (185,000) experienced an attempted home break-in, and further to this, an extra 4.6% (448,800) of households had malicious property damage.

Jim’s Security Doors understand how to break the cycle of crime and create affordable stress-free solutions for every home.

With many years of trusted, reliable experience and service in the security industry – we know what works and what doesn’t!  Let us tailor a security door solution for your home today.

ScreenGuard Security Door - House exterior



The best security door is one that fits your needs as a homeowner and is both highly functional and meets your design aesthetics.

There are specific considerations that will determine the best door for you:

  • Your goals for security and preferred features
  • The appearance and finish of the door
  • How the doors fit into your overall home design
  • Your budget and time frame

Security Doors

Security Doors need to offer the highest security, safety, and convenience while visually appealing and keeping your home’s overall design aesthetic. Please take a look at our extensive range of security doors made in Australia from Aluminium or Steel and are highly customisable.

This month, Jim’s Security Doors are showcasing PerfGuard Aluminium High Security doors, one of our top sellers!

  • Perforated aluminium mesh is 1.6mm thick and corrosion resistant
  • It’s strong, secure, and durable
  • It’s visually appealing with reduced obstruction
  • Tested to Australian Standards AS 5039-2003
  • They are reasonably priced too!

Entry Enclosures

Entry Enclosures have come a long way! Thank goodness the days of old where entry enclosures felt heavy and cumbersome are long gone.

They are now available with the highest-grade of security mesh which can meld seamlessly with your home design. This feature is the perfect accompaniment for bright, well-ventilated areas of your home, such as an entertainment area, pool area or sunroom.

Modern and contemporary, they can also allow us to create a tranquil place to take a moment and pause the day.

Privacy Mesh

One of the best ways to increase your privacy whilst keeping it affordable is One-Way or Privacy Mesh. The Mesh provides essential security by restricting the visibility of those looking into your property while you can see out.

Let the airflow through your home, increasing the ventilation whilst maintaining a heightened sense of security to the outside world. Jim’s Security Doors offer them in two thicknesses, and you can choose to use them on their own, with a diamond grill or cast aluminium frame.

Best of all, they are affordable, easy to clean, resistant to insect and rodent damage and require little to no maintenance.

Flyscreen Doors

Suppose you would like a safeguard from all the creepy crawlies that can bring disease and disturbance into your home. In that case, flyscreens on the windows and grills are the perfect answer!

With options from fibreglass to heavier pet mesh, they truly enhance your entrance’s visual appeal whilst providing the security you need.

Steel Gates and Security Gates

If you need instant curb appeal mixed with sturdy, resilient, ironclad security, then Security Gates are the answer. They are the ideal option for businesses and family homes who want to add convenience and functionality to their security.

At Jim’s Security Doors, we have an unrivalled range of the finest quality security doors, windows and gates from which to choose.  No matter your situation or budget, we will endeavour to help you find the ideal solution tailored to your security needs.

Our highly experienced consultants can help you with all your questions and provide an obligation free measure and quote today! Call us on 13 15 46

ScreenGuard Security Door - House exterior


There has never been a more critical time for home security, functionality and home design to come together than during the past year. Whether we are working or relaxing, one thing is for sure; we want to enjoy and make the most of our living environment.

There is no longer any reason to view those unappealing grills, bars or other obstructions that ruin the flow of your home. You no longer have to choose security over stunning home design and layout. Each door we make is tailor-made to your design aesthetic, taste, and colour palette.

With a vast selection of finishes and materials and customised options available, trust in Jim’s Security Doors to look after your home security needs.


The truth is there is a BIG difference between a ready-made security door and windows, and those that are custom designed to your specifications. Imagine having a door made to measure and designed to fit your design style, unique security needs, and home’s functionality.

Open up your online search engine, and you will see a list a mile long, full of businesses that are selling ‘cheap’ security doors. Walk into your favourite hardware store, and you will find an entire aisle on DIY and off the rack options.

While you can purchase a door and install it yourself, doing so requires experience and expert handling to ensure correct and safe security door installation. For an amateur, understanding the project’s scope, taking measurements (and retaking them!) and then attempting to navigate all the security instructions; well, it can be daunting.


It’s necessary to choose the right security door for your home and your needs, but essential to find a comprehensive and experienced security door installer that will assist with after-sales support.

Cheap is not necessarily better, as we all know. A low-quality door will not protect your home and offer the peace of mind you deserve. If a service provider is offering doors at a price that is too good to be true, you have a right to be cautious.

We are proud to offer Australian made high security doors at affordable prices whilst maintaining our quality assurance. When it comes to security, it’s always better to go with superior value, service, experience, and professional reputation.

Our Five Tips To Choose The Best Service Provider

Here are five top tips to help you find the best security door service and installer:

  • You deserve excellent customer service and a no-obligation free quotation.
  • Security Doors need to be made in Australia and comply with the Australian Standards
  • Service Providers need to be experts in their industry and operating for 10+ years
  • Make sure they have consistently great online reviews ( and notice how they handle any complaints!)
  • Choose a provider that offers a comprehensive sales, installation and after-sales service.

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At Jim’s Security Doors, you can place your trust in us with customer satisfaction guaranteed. With a stunning range of design-conscious domestic security doors and entry options, our experts are there to guide you through the project from start to finish.

We have been proudly manufacturing and installing first-class security doors and windows in Melbourne since 1982. We have 50+ years of experience in the service industry. You can rest assured knowing that we have the trusted professional expertise and skills to secure your property from front to back.

All our products are of the highest security standard and are Australian made and manufactured at our own Melbourne facilities.

The Security Benchmarks That Matter

We aim to exceed the quality assurance benchmarks based on the Australian Standard for testing, manufacture and installation, and take pride in the fantastic security and service our doors offer.

  • Australian Standard 5039: Security screen doors and security window grilles
  • Australian Standard 5040: Installation of security screen doors and window grilles
  • Australian Standard 5041: Methods of Test– Security screen doors and window grilles

At Jim’s Security Doors, we have the best quality security doors, made with superior artistry and high-quality materials. We offer competitive pricing, experienced staff, and fast delivery.

For an obligation-free measure and quote, call us on 13 15 46 or click here to book your free estimate and quote online.

Your SECURITY is our pledge. You can count on Jim’s Security Doors for your Security Needs!